Kevin McKesson did an excellent job of defending my son on drug charges and resisting arrest. He is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, dedicated, clever, and tenacious. His experience made a considerable difference in the trial he fought for my son and got positive results. – Jay Johnson

Winston K. McKesson represented me, I was charged with a felony facing jail time and deportation. My case seemed like a complicated mess but as soon as Kevin came on board I felt at ease. Whenever I had a question he was never too busy to take my call or answer an email. Mr. McKesson is one of the most formidable, hardest working criminal lawyers in Los Angeles. His experience in every type of criminal law – from Capital Murder to misdemeanors – makes him one of the most respected attorneys that the State of California has to offer. I highly recommend Kevin to anyone who needs the sound advice and the determination of a criminal lawyer who wants to win.  – Daniel S.

For over 2 years I felt like my life was at a standstill, my husband was being charged with arson and facing many years in prison. Our case was complicated but Mr. McKesson simplified everything for us. We had 2 layers prior to finding Kevin McKesson we poured thousands of dollars and got nowhere, one of the attorneys wanted to plain and simple quit! He literally didn’t want to go to trial he stated that by putting a big price for his trial service. He told us to take the imprisonment charges and move on, I had no money, my house defaulted and I was a new mother. Alone and no one to turn to I thought this was my only option. That’s when Winston K. McKesson was recommended to me, immediately Kevin got to work on my husband’s case he assured us that this was a simple case and told us not to worry. Hiring Kevin was the best move we made my husband is free of all charges he walked out of that court room a free man no arson charges on his record. My daughter has her father back and my husband has his life back. We highly recommend Winston K. McKesson  – Vivian W.

I trust this man with my life! He is not God but more like Johnny Cochran, “Jr.”. Beat both my criminal cases in trial and it seemed miraculous at the time. The first time, Ex- felon gun possession ended with a unanimous, “Not Guilty” verdict. But most recently Just beat a, “Life sentence” with no option at a deal in a case where I clearly and admittingly shot a man three times however, regretfully.- Self- defense, in a serious situation where the man didn’t have a gun nor was I hurt but, this man Mr. McKesson laid down the United States Constitution with expertise. – Unanimous “Not Guilty” as well. Maybe you have to know this man or see his work to trust him, but after the first time all I could say to him this recent and last go around is, “I trust you”, and let him do “His” job. – Blessings  – Mr. James, a Criminal Defense client

Mr. McKesson gave me great and stellar defense, insured me that what he could do he would and he delivered efficiently. All court officers from the judge to the prosecutor seemed to respect and acknowledge his experience. He dealt well with what needed to be dealt with and the outcome of the case against me was a dismissal of charge. I witnessed a very sharp, well spoken and knowledgeable defense lawyer who cross examined at pretrial the state witnesses and quickly discredited them insomuch that the case was dismissed and I was exonerated of charge I recommend him he was professional, responsive and knowledgeable. – Jonathan, a Criminal Defense client

Mr. McKesson is an excellent criminal defense attorney. He helped me with an unfortunate situation and he bent over backwards to minimize the outcome. I was wrong for the choices I made and must pay for my mistakes; however, I am glad I had Attorney McKesson defending me as I saw him do everything in his power to ensure I understood what was about to happen, what I could expect at each court session, and potentially how much time I might do as a result of getting myself into this mess. He even got the judge to allow me to attend college out of state. He’s been an excellent role model and a man I can look up to as I encounter what life holds for me.  – Jerome, a Criminal Defense client

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Winston K. McKesson Will Defend Serious Cases From misdemeanors to felonies, Mr. McKesson will defend anyone plagued by the severity of a criminal charge. His criminal defense and experience is of the following:
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• Domestic Violence• Drug Crimes
• DUI• Expungement
• Embezzlement• Felonies
• Hate Crimes• Juvenile Crimes
• Kidnapping• Manslaughter
• Misdemeanors• Murder
• Sex Crimes• Shoplifting/Theft
• Traffic Violations• Violations of Probation
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• White Collar Crimes

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