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A criminal charge can have devastating consequences that may alter your life forever. Having the right Criminal Defense Attorney is key; you need Winston K. McKesson he will aggressively fight for your rights he knows how crucial it is to have been charged with any type of crime—big or small. Reality is that many individuals are often erroneously convicted of crimes that were not committed. This is a risk many people face when not choosing the best criminal defense attorney. A conviction, including that of a misdemeanor, may result in incarceration, expensive fines, and numerous other time-consuming measures that will afflict you for a long time. Therefore, it is imperative to have a skilled criminal defense lawyer like Winston K. McKesson who will take immediate action to fight for your defense, strongly believes your freedom should never be gambled with. The best way to achieve a favorable outcome in your criminal case is by working with a proactive criminal defense lawyer who knows what it takes to acquire immediate, positive results.

Winston K. McKesson is “The” Criminal Defense Attorney

The importance of working on your defense immediately cannot be stressed enough. For a vast majority of cases, prompt action can make all the difference in sentencing. Winston K. McKesson is an experienced criminal defense lawyer that will fight to obtain a reduced sentence and may even help you have charges dropped entirely. A thorough investigation is imperative in order to achieve immediate benefits. Winston K. McKesson is a top-rated Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer that will fight assiduously on your behalf. You will be sure to receive personalized criminal defense that is designed with your best interest in mind. Mr. McKesson is a criminal defense attorney that will provide you with the best legal counsel and will give you guidance every step of the way. He understands that although every case is different, the significance of a cases outcome remains constant. For some criminal cases, a plea agreement will be most advantageous. However, it is not recommended to accept a plea bargain without the knowledgeable advice of a competent criminal defense lawyer. In other cases, Mr. McKesson will advise you not to submit this plea if he believes there is a great chance to obtain a not guilty verdict in court. Regardless of the direction your case may take, you can rest assured that every step taken will be made utilizing 35 years of legal knowledge and expertise. Winston K. McKesson will exhaust every possibility to benefit your defense no matter the crime or accusation you may be facing. This may include challenging the district attorney’s evidence, seeking expert witnesses, and helping you understand the events that will occur in the courtroom, such as interrogation from the opposing counsel. Winston K. McKesson knows that your case’s end result will ultimately define your future.

Winston K. McKesson Will Protect You!

Any person who has been charged with a crime has the right to the best criminal defense lawyer possible. He strongly believes and supports the laws of Los Angeles and of the state of CA. These rights are guaranteed regardless of the severity of your crime allegation and are in frangible regardless of whether you are accused of a sex crime, drug possession charge, traffic violation, embezzlement, theft, and even murder. This means that no matter the criminal charge you may be facing, Winston K. McKesson will always be ready to help you. He will not stop until every single avenue of defense has been treaded. Although you may believe your case has no winning chance, only an expert can help you determine how successful your case can be.

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Prosecuting attorneys use tactics that you may not be able to capture or foresee. One of the greatest advantages that Winston K. McKesson possesses is the ability to predict the types of arguments that may be made against you when facing a prosecuting attorney. He also understands that even your own words may be misconstrued and manipulated with the sole purpose of making you appear guilty. This is where 35 years of experience can be most helpful. Mr. McKesson will prepare you for the day you have to stand in court and will provide you with the best advice so you can navigate courtroom procedures with confidence and ease. Everything from your words to your demeanor will be mercilessly scrutinized and used against you. He will guide you through the expected courtroom interrogations and will help put your fears at ease. In fact, he has helped clients facing serious crimes such as murder accusations, fraud allegations, and weapon charges and worked with our clients to ensure that they are ready to face a courtroom. Perhaps you are thinking that the charges filed against you are not very serious. Some of the most common seemingly harmless charges include DUI and the threat of license suspension as a result of too many tickets. Although these charges can be dropped without risking losing your driver’s license very few people are able to achieve this without the help of a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. Not only can Mr. McKesson defend your right to keep your license, he will also fight to help you avoid lengthy probation, jail time, and costly fines. It is in your best interest to have Winston K. McKesson by your side every step of the way, because when it comes to criminal charges, there are no risks that are too small. In order to achieve the best defense possible, it is most beneficial to contact an attorney who will stop at nothing to defend your legal rights. Winston K. McKesson strives to provide the strongest legal defense to every single client. He treats your innocence like his very own and will aggressively pursue the most positive verdict for your criminal defense case. When you need the strongest criminal defense Winston K. McKesson is your best bet. He will work to devise a plan that is unique and robust, so that you can be confident that your innocence and future are protected to their full extent.

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Winston K. McKesson Will Defend Serious Cases From misdemeanors to felonies, Mr. McKesson will defend anyone plagued by the severity of a criminal charge. His criminal defense and experience is of the following:
• Appeals• Assault & Battery
• Domestic Violence• Drug Crimes
• DUI• Expungement
• Embezzlement• Felonies
• Hate Crimes• Juvenile Crimes
• Kidnapping• Manslaughter
• Misdemeanors• Murder
• Sex Crimes• Shoplifting/Theft
• Traffic Violations• Violations of Probation
• Violent Crimes• Weapons Violations
• White Collar Crimes

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